Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law



Capricor, Inc.
Firm client, Los Angeles-based Capricor, was featured in a story on CBS Evening News national broadcast that focused on Capricor's proprietary mix of stem cells derived from adult (non-embryonic) cardiac tissue. The report showed evidence that these stem cells can regenerate damaged areas of the heart and improve heart function. Findings were presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association on November 14. Knobbe Martens has been protecting Capricor's intellectual property rights since 2007.

Kyoto University
Knobbe Martens worked closely with Professor Yamanaka and his team to obtain U.S. Patent No. 8,048,999, the first patent granted for the work which led to Professor Yamanaka’s Nobel Prize. This patent relates to a nuclear programming factor for the production of induced pluripotent stem cells from adult cells. It is expected that the production of these induced pluripotent stem cells will ultimately lead to treatments that allow the complete regeneration of injured and diseased tissues. 

Knobbe Martens continues to represent Kyoto University in connection with its ongoing efforts to obtain patent protection in the United States for Professor Yamanaka’s further work. We are greatly honored that Kyoto University entrusted Knobbe Martens to assist it in connection with such groundbreaking work, and we particularly appreciate the opportunity to work with Professor Yamanaka, a scientist of such renowned stature. 

Sigris Research, Inc.
Knobbe Martens represents Sigris Research, Inc., a California-based biotechnology company that manufactures DNA sample preparation instruments and holds a portfolio of patents in the field of nucleic acid extraction and purification. Sigris filed suit against bioMérieux SA, a company headquartered in France, over bioMérieux’s alleged infringement of Sigris’ technology. Attorneys from Knobbe Martens assisted Sigris in reaching a worldwide settlement, and negotiated a license of the Sigris patents to bioMérieux.

University Client (Confidential)
Successfully represented a European university/patentee and its licensee, a European biotechnology company, in a patent arbitration before the ICDR relating to DNA cloning methods.

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