Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law
Representative Engagements

Aesthetics & Personal Care Products

Representative Engagements
  • Alure Medical (Cosmetic Implants)
  • Amazing Shine Nails (Beauty Products)
  • AmorePacific Corporation (Cosmetics, Skin Care Products, Fragrances, Cleansers)
  • Anabolic Laboratories (Vitamins and Supplements)
  • Bai Brand (Nutritional Beverages)
  • Baseline Nutritionals (Vitamins and Supplements)
  • Beckham Brand Limited (Cologne, Hair and Skin Care Products, Cleansers)
  • Bee Line/Laila Ali (Cosmetics, Skin Care, Fragrances, Vitamins and Supplements)
  • Beauty Encounter (Beauty Products, Fragrances)
  • Birsect (Autologous Breast Implants)
  • Body Wise International (Vitamins and Supplements)
  • Bonnie Holmes Skincare (Skin Care Products)
  • Carol Cole Company (Facial Toning and Stimulation Devices)
  • Developlus
  • Edge Systems Corporation (Microdermabrasion)
  • Evera Medical (Cosmetic Implants)
  • Faberge Services Limited (Cosmetics, Beauty Products and Fragrances)
  • Follea (Wigs and Hair Pieces)
  • (Cosmetics and Body Products)
  • Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation (Pharmaceutical Dermatological Products)
  • Nobel Biocare (Dental Implants)
  • Nutrishop Corporation (Vitamins and Supplements)
  • Oshare (Skin Care, Moisturizers, Anti-aging Creams)
  • Phiten Co. (Cosmetics, Beauty and Skin Care Products, Cleansers)
  • PhotoMedex (Dermatology Devices, Laser Therapies)
  • Sultra Corporation (Hair and Skin Care Preparations)
  • Suzanne Somers (Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Nutritional and Dietary Supplements)
  • Temecula Cosmetic Company (dba Dè La Ron) (Cosmetics and Skin Care Products)
  • The FRS Company (Nutritional Beverages and Supplements)
  • Ulthera  (Medical Aesthetics Using Ultrasound)
  • Urban Decay Cosmetics (Cosmetics, Beauty Products and Fragrances)
  • VisionQuest Online (Vitamins, Supplements, Skin Care Products)
  • Vitasport (Vitamins and Supplements)
  • VitaTech International (Vitamins and Supplements)
  • 99¢ Only Stores (Beauty Products)
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