Collaborative Innovation: Intellectual Property Considerations - June 2016

| Tom Cowan

Associate Tom Cowan authored "Collaborative Innovation: Intellectual Property Considerations - June 2016" which was published in International Bar Association: Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Newsletter.

Excerpt: Collaboration benefits innovative endeavors in many technological areas.  With software, medical devices, biotech, mobile devices, aerospace, and other technologies, the expertise and creativity of each collaborator can produce valuable innovations.  However, collaborative innovation can also lead to disputes over ownership and control of those resulting innovations.  To ensure the benefits of such efforts inure to the intended beneficiaries, it is important to understand some aspects of intellectual property (IP) law.  This article touches on three such issues: sharing information with your collaborator, identifying the inventors of the innovation, and ensuring proper ownership of the innovation.  Regardless of the specific type of technological endeavor, these IP issues are important to collaborative innovation.

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