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Court Orders Two Plastic Pipe Fitting Manufacturers To Pay Over Six and Half Million Dollars In Damages To Individual Inventor

By Mark Kachner and Daniel P. Hughes September 1, 2017

Editors: John Sganga, Joseph Cianfrani and Boris Zelkind

Judgments and Awards

On August 15, 2017, a federal court in Illinois resolved a damages and fees dispute in a patent infringement case that had raged for nearly eleven years.  R-BOC Representatives, Inc. (R-BOC) and Dura-Line Corporation (Dura-Line) were both found to infringe Mr. Minemyer’s patent on plastic pipe couplers (designed to join to pieces of pipe), and both were permanently enjoined from selling infringing couplers.  R-BOC violated the injunction and was found in contempt.  The court found that Mr. Minemyer’s was entitled to lost profits of over $1.5 Million and trebled that amount because the case was exceptional.  The court also granted Mr. Minemyer attorney fees, pre-judgment interest, and costs for a total of over $6.5 Million payable by both defendants together.  The court determined that Dura-Line was liable for a maximum of almost $4 Million of the total award, while R-Boc could be liable for the entire award, because R-Boc had continued their infringement after the courts prior order.

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