Knobbe Martens Attorneys Present on Defending against Patent Assertion at Series of International IP Seminars in China

| John M. Carson

On March 30 and 31, 2017, Knobbe Martens attorneys presented written and oral educational material at an IP Seminar Series “Overseas Intellectual Property Rights Protection for Chinese Enterprises” sponsored by CHOFN, a Chinese IP law firm in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China.

John M. Carson spoke on the topic of “Taking Control of US Patent Infringement: How to Analyze and Act on Letters that Prompt a Liability Claim” that was co-authored and attended by Jane Xia. Andrew Schwaab also attended the event and provided information about the firm.

The seminar series took place in two cities over two days where IP attorneys from the United States, Europe, Japan and China presented to local companies to educate them on patent litigation and dispute resolution processes outside of China. The first seminar was held in Guangzhou where approximately one hundred local companies were in attendance. The second seminar was held in Shenzhen where approximately two hundred local companies were in attendance. 

In addition to attending the seminar series, the three Knobbe Martens  attorneys, who are the founding members of the firm’s Greater China Practice Group, also travelled to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in a concerted effort to help existing and prospective clients in the greater China region navigate through the field of U.S. patent law and successfully develop their global patent portfolios and IP protection and assertion strategies.




View the presentation by John M. Carson below: