Knobbe Martens Attorneys Named Among “World’s Leading Patent Professionals” by IAM

Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, LLP and its partners have been acknowledged for their expertise in this year’s edition of the IAM 1000 – The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners 2016. The partners include: Adeel Akhtar, Maria Anderson, Mark Benedict, John Carson, Jon Gurka, Daniel Hart, Ned Israelsen, John King, Irfan Lateef, Eli Loots, Joseph Mallon, Salima Merani, Ph.D., Kimberly Miller, Joseph Re, Joseph Reisman, Arthur Rose, Ron Schoenbaum, Melanie Seelig, John Sganga, Mauricio Uribe, Karen Vogel Weil, and Bill Zimmerman.

The IAM Patent 1000 guide, from the publishers of Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine, identifies the top patent firms and practitioners, including litigators, licensing advisors, and patent prosecutors in 41 jurisdictions around the globe. Interviewees describe Knobbe Martens as one of the “biggest and best IP boutiques” in the United States, with the largest number of individuals ranked in the IAM Patent 1000 California chapter. Covering all conceivable technical disciplines in prosecution practice, Knobbe Martens “is rated top in the state.”

Knobbe Martens was “recommended” for patent prosecution work nationally. It was once again the only firm to receive a “highly recommended” rating for patent prosecution work in California and Washington. The firm was “recommended” in California for transactions and received a silver band for litigation. In Washington State, the firm was also “recommended” for transactions and also received a silver band for litigation.

IAM was full of praise for Knobbe Martens attorneys in the areas of patent prosecution and transactions:

Adeel Akhtar was extolled as “extremely smart, efficient and careful, and demonstrates perfect judgement in everything he does.” Maria Anderson was described as a “whiz at internet and software matters. Her work is extremely thorough, but she is quick and timely, too.” Mark Benedict was said to have “commercial flair for portfolio development, working up a tantalizing suite of patents for practicing physician Dr. Bruce May.”

John Carson was praised for his diverse and “fantastic client base’ in the European and Asian markets” representing healthcare, software, telecommunications, flat panel display, and battery companies. “Carson knows all the latest case law and how it affects patent practice. His clients are treated to up-to-the-minute advice.” Daniel Hart was described as “deeply embedded in the local biotech and pharma scene”. Ned Israelsen was commended for his “many years of experience.” He is “quick and smart [and] he leads by example, producing five-star work for both start-ups and established enterprises.”

John King was said to be “up to the task across a similar spread of IP disciplines” and have a “deft touch nurturing early-stage companies.” Eli Loots was praised as being able to “traverse the contentious/non-contentious divide with finesse” and as a “go-to guide for biotechnologists seeking tactical inter partes review advice.” Joseph Mallon was commended for his teamwork with Miller in giving ‘indispensable advice’ and “deftly handling patent procurement for Alios BioPharma.”

Salima Merani was extolled as “never making a mistake – she truly is at the top of her game. She is a great strategic advisor with a proven track record of success and innovation. She always makes time for her clients and is incredibly diligent.” Kimberly Miller was noted for her teamwork with Mallon in giving “indispensable advice,” which enabled Alios BioPharma to advance drug candidates for the treatment of viral diseases. Arthur Rose was praised for his negotiation skills and for being “one of the top licensing specialists in the line-up.”

Ron Schoenbaum was recognized as a “versatile performer with enviable procurement, infringement and licensing know-how” in the information and medical technology fields. Melanie Seelig was hailed as “an outstanding project manager” covering “virtually any area of technology with dazzling technical dexterity.” Mauricio Uribe was commended for “excelling at prosecuting applications in the electrical engineering and software spaces, [and going] beyond the drafting and filing brief to proactively develop portfolios and provide strategic direction to patrons.”

Knobbe Martens litigators were also highly praised:

It was noted that Jon Gurka “shouldered significant loads on the recent $466 million jury trial victory for Masimo against Philips in 2014.” Irfan Lateef, who was recognized for litigation, was described as “steeped in prosecution, so he never fails to play a strong technical game.”

Joseph Re, lead trial counsel in client Masimo’s $466 million jury verdict in 2014, was called out as “the set’s best-known litigator.” Joseph Reisman was commended for his prosecution and litigation “aplomb,” which helped him “secure comprehensive, long-term protection for clients’ intangible assets.” John Sganga was described as having a “meticulous eye for detail” in a recent competitor-on-competitor suit. Karen Vogel Weil was praised for her “expertise on the hot-button subject of patent damages.” William Zimmerman, Managing Partner of the firm’s Washington, D.C. office, was described as “simply one of the top patent litigators in the U.S. Everything he does is in the best interests of his clients.”

The IAM Patent 1000 rankings are based on five months of research and more than 1,500 telephone interviews with attorneys at law, patent attorneys and in-house counsel to gather market intelligence on the leading players in the field. The IAM Patent 1000 identifies the leading law firms in the market based on the depth of expertise, market presence and the level of work on which they are typically engaged. For additional information and to view the full guide, visit IAM magazine at


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