Knobbe Martens Attorneys Recognized Among the World’s Leading Patent Professionals

Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP and a selection of its partners have been recognized in this year’s edition of the IAM 1000 - The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners 2015. Those partners are: Maria Anderson, Mark Benedict, John Carson, Jon Gurka, Daniel Hart, Ned Israelsen, John King, Irfan Lateef, Eli Loots, Joseph Mallon, Salima Merani, Kimberly Miller, Joseph Re, Joseph Reisman, Art Rose, Ron Schoenbaum, Melanie Seelig, John Sganga, Mauricio Uribe and William Zimmerman.

The IAM Patent 1000 guide, from the publishers of Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine, identifies the top patent firms and practitioners, including top litigators, licensing advisors, and patent prosecutors, in 41 jurisdictions around the globe. Interviewees describe Knobbe Martens as a firm that “has every conceivable technical discipline sewn up” and is “very client focused and 100% about delivering a high-quality product.”

Knobbe Martens was the only firm listed as “highly recommended” for patent prosecution work in California and was among just four firms in California recognized in all three categories (prosecution, litigation and transactions). The firm was also listed as “recommended” for patent prosecution work nationally, and as “highly recommended” for patent prosecution work in Washington state, where it operates an office in Seattle.

IAM was full of praise for Knobbe Martens attorneys:

Maria Anderson was extolled for her “organizational savvy” and as a “deft procurator for patrons with sprawling IP portfolios.” Mark Benedict was described as a “far-sighted IP portfolio manager.” John Carson was recognized for his “cosmopolitan practice” based on his strong knowledge of European and Asian markets. Jon Gurka was praised for his “broad experience” trying all types of IP cases.

Daniel Hart was noted as a “versatile practitioner with a mix of prosecution, diligence and opinion briefs.” Ned Israelsen was commended as a “font of insight and analysis on a host of strategic issues.” John King was recognized for his experience and as an “outstanding counsellor.” Irfan Lateef was described as “knowledgeable,” “pleasant to work with,” and as someone who “cares about delivering a quality service and product to the client.” Eli Loots was praised not only for his “brilliant technical skills,” but also for being someone “who has his finger on the pulse of business concerns.”

Joseph Mallon was described by one client as “the single most effective attorney I’ve ever engaged in my 25 years in intellectual property.” Salima Merani was pointed out as a “favorite [outside counsel] of venture capitalists.” Kimberly Miller was recognized as “thorough, diligent, and proactive” as exemplified by her availability to clients. Joseph Re was praised as a “passionate advocate” and a “larger-than-life figure in the best possible way.” Joseph Reisman was called out for his “outstanding service” as well as for both his prosecution and “contentious know-how.”

Art Rose was described as one of the firm’s “transactional cognoscenti … particularly focused on monetization.” Ron Schoenbaum was commended for the fact that “if it has anything to do with the procurement or monetization of intellectual property, he has it locked down.” Melanie Seelig was praised as “really listening to her customers and providing direct advice that addresses core needs.” John Sganga was pointed out as an effective litigator, and as someone who “gets the job done incredibly well.” Mauricio Uribe was noted for his “combination of licensing and portfolio management artistry.” William Zimmerman, Managing Partner of the firm’s Washington, D.C. office, and one of the firm’s top litigators, drew “resounding praise.”

The IAM Patent 1000 rankings are based on five months of research and more than 1,500 telephone interviews with attorneys at law, patent attorneys and in-house counsel to gather market intelligence on the leading players in the field. The IAM Patent 1000 identifies the leading law firms in the market based on the depth of expertise, market presence and the level of work on which they are typically engaged. For additional information and to view the full guide, visit IAM magazine at

With over 275 lawyers and scientists nationwide, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP dedicates its practice to all aspects of intellectual property law including litigation. Consistently ranked among the top intellectual property firms worldwide, Knobbe Martens serves a diverse group of clients from multinational corporations to emerging businesses of all stages. Headquartered in Orange County, California, Knobbe Martens also has offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle and Washington, D.C. More information about the firm can be found at

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