Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law

Consumer Electronics Litigation

By combining superior technical depth with proven litigation skill, we have successfully litigated consumer electronics cases across a wide spectrum of technology, including desktop and laptop computers, hard drives, wireless technology, tablets, cell phones, GPS navigation systems, televisions, DVD systems, computer mice, automobile controls, audio systems, and video games.

More than 30 of our litigation attorneys have degrees in computer science or electrical engineering—giving them a comprehensive understanding of the technology and issues unique to consumer electronics cases. It’s one reason why we have achieved results few firms have obtained, consistently winning cases for our clients on summary judgment, at trial, and on appeal. In addition to appearing in U.S. district courts and the Federal Circuit, we have expertise in litigating consumer electronics cases before the ITC.

Our expertise includes both enforcing intellectual property and defending against infringement allegations. We have particular expertise in defending against patent assertions brought by non-practicing entities and multi-defendant cases. Our attorneys are often chosen to take the lead in joint defense groups, and have won multiple complete defense judgments in such cases, even when other defendants chose to settle. 

By fully understanding our clients’ business and products, we are able to tailor litigation strategies that help them meet their goals before, at, and after trial.

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