Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law
Principles & Values

Principles & Values

Principles & Values

Integrity. Honesty. Passion. To us, these are more than mere words. They’re a promise, a pledge we make to always provide the highest level of professional, ethical representation. To never cut a corner nor accept a compromise. Our clients demand—and deserve—no less.

A Culture of Collaboration

We love competition, just not with each other. We foster a collegial, cooperative atmosphere where every attorney works for the good of the firm, and by extension, for each of our clients. Our attorneys are not compensated to “own” clients, rather, they’re motivated to match clients with an attorney/scientist team custom-built to deliver success. It’s a model that puts our clients’ interests above our own. Which is exactly where they belong. 

Strength Through Stability

Since 2000, our firm-wide attrition rate has been approximately 10%. This helps us create and maintain lasting relationships with each client, as well as a deep institutional understanding of their business. Our clients trust the people they called on yesterday will be here tomorrow. There’s no learning curve or revolving door, just a strong, stable team they can count on at any time...all the time.

People First

Our unique culture and corporate structure allow us to attract and retain some of the world’s top IP attorneys. Instead of reserving partnerships for a privileged few, we take a different approach: actively training our associates to assume leadership roles, and providing an environment where their abilities are fully utilized in the best interests of our clients.

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